Lifting Frames

The range of lifting frames we can make is quite broad. We are able to design and build to your requirements based on the machine you are using to lift (i.e forklift, crane, overhead crane, bulldozer, etc) and the required load to be lifted. The most common solutions that we offer for lifting frames are:

  • Forklift Lifted – Frame has fork pockets included to allow the forklift to lift both the attachment and load.
  • Overhead Crane – Frame will have lifting lugs to attach hooks or chains to allow for the frame to be lifted with the load.
  • Crane – as per an overhead crane, lifting lugs will be fitted to allow the frame and load to be lifted. These can be set in any required lift angle.
  • Container Crane – These frames are made with a twist lock lifting box for the cranes to use their existing twist locks and lift the required load. We can make frames for 20ft or 40ft container machines.

All lifting frames will be engineering certified by a chartered professional engineer.

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