We repair forklift components and a vast range of machinery and parts. We ensure that optimal performance continues and lasts for the life of your equipment. We stock a selection of quality parts to get your equipment up and running soonest, and operational for the longest time possible. Our team of highly qualified technicians are the best in the industry. We can evaluate and recommend fixes, assisting you in making an informed decision for your business to minimise operation downtime and costly repairs. We can provide repair service for a single lift truck or for your entire material handling fleet.


As part of our core business we can repair and modify any type of forklift. Common repairs for the forklift itself include bent masts, counterweight modifications, mast shortening amongst various other repairs. More photos of our more recent jobs to come.


Forklift carriages are a crucial part of any forklift – which also make them a vulnerable component. At Urgent Engineering we can repair or modify any type of carriage to suit your needs. We have repaired bent pins, cracked carriage frames, broken rams amongst many other range of repairs. Common modifications include the incorporation of sideshifting, fork positioning, carriage extension or shortening. More photos of our more recent jobs to come.


Order pickers

Order pickers are very versatile machines. Modifications on these can be made to lower the height, widen, shorten or lengthen forks, attach or remove components. If it is doable we will find the best way to do it without compromising safety or the end product’s quality. More photos of our more recent jobs to come.


One of our specialties is 10 year certification for aerial platforms and scissor lifts. We have the expertise, equipment and staff to be able to dismantle platforms and test the state of electrical and hydraulic components as well as ensuring the platforms is mechanically sound. More photos of our more recent jobs to come.

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