T411Z - Fork Positioner

The KAUP hook-on Fork Positioner T411Z is a robust attachment for exceptionally heavy duty operation - ideal for uneven surfaces. Spreading forces induced, for example when handling coils (several) cable drums, rolls or wire coils, can readily be supported due to the large overlap of sectional profiles between fork guide and clamp body. Speedy working cycles and millimetre accurate positioning of the transport load is possible.


  • Good residual capacity
  • Good visibility conditions
  • Independent sideshift serially - alternatively valve block sideshift
  • Opening range significantly larger than the construction width
  • Use of longer forks possible

Product Video


  • Not suitable for clamping between the forks.
  • With screw-on forks available upon request: T411 ZA
  • Also available without sideshift, model T401Z
  • Load Backrest see model T179.

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