T160Z - Fork Positioner

The KAUP hook-on Fork Positioner T160Z (A) is an economical Fork Positioner with welded on or screwed on forks offering an excellent view to the fork tips and load. Therefore the achievable residual capacities are very good.The qualities of the range of T160Z (A) Fork Positioners are particularly effective when different sizes of loads are regularly transported or different kinds of transportation are used - for example in logistics.


  • For moderately heavy operation
  • Excellent residual capacity
  • High stability with optimal tare weight
  • Very good visibility conditions
  • Valve block sideshift serially
  • Supplied with welded forks
  • Supplied optionally with screw on forks for wear intensive operation (A-version)
  • Forks with a length of more than 2400mm available upon request
  • Construction width of the attachment and opening range is not dependent on the width of the forklift truck carriage

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  • 4,8T with capacity (kg/mm) 2.700/1.200 available upon request.
  • Not suitable for clamping between the forks.
  • Available without sideshift.
  • Load backrest see model T479 and T479.1
  • Available with welded forks: Model T160Z.
  • Forks see model T180.
  • Optional in explosion proof version

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