No Lost Load - Fork Positioner

Kaup’s ‘No Lost Load’ fork positioners allows fork positioning on existing fork truck carriages or sideshift carriages without increasing the lost load. This fork positioner bolts onto the existing carriage, replacing the original load backrest, making installation quick and straightforward.

The strong robust design with the cylinders mounted above the carriage makes this unit less susceptible to damage than the cheaper hang-on versions with cylinders positioned between the carriage bars. This model is supplied complete with pressure relief valve to improve the service life of the fork positioner and forks and limit down time through accidental misuse.

Hydraulic fork positioning eliminates the manual handling task of moving the forks across the carriage by hand and is increasingly being specified as standard for a productive and safe fleet of forklifts.


  • Adjustment on fork carrier width allows use of most standard ITA forks.
  • No welding on installation.
  • Bushed fork positioning shoes for maximum life and smooth movement.
  • Adjustment for equal fork travel speed.
  • Drilled to suit original truck carriage – quick and easy to install.
  • Pressure relief to prevent clamping or sideways forces fitted on all SB models.


  • Different widths and opening ranges.
  • Different backrest sizes.
  • Independent fork positioning.
  • Different forks sizes.
  • Hose reels, solenoid valves and buttons for easy hydraulic installation.

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