T411D - Fork Clamp with Turnable Forks

Flexibility is the motto of the KAUP Fork Clamp with Turnable Forks T411D. This clamp is a very universally applicable attachment, because the carrying part of the hook-on forks is turnable by ± 90 °.

Therefore, the rotary hook-on fork clamp can be used for hook-on fork works as well as the clamps by bale, boxes and cardboards. If the carrying part are turned only around by 45 °, besides, the transport of barrels or other cylindrical bodies is easily possible.


  • Suitably to the Handling of the most different load forms - palettised product, grid boxing, underrun loads (basic position), barrels and cylindrical bodies (45 ° positions), bales, clamps, cardboard etc. (90 ° positions)
  • Very good visibility conditions
  • Independent sideshift serially
  • Load backrest optionally
  • Puttable on clamp arms optionally

Product video



  • Hydraulically turnable forks available upon request.
  • Slip-on arms for the forks model T103A and T103AG
  • Also available without sideshift, model T401D
  • Load Backrest see model T179.

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