T411 - Fork Clamp

The variously applicable Fork Clamp T411 is the base for all KAUP clamps.

Therefore, this attachment particularly suitable for hard use can be adapted very well to the individual demands. No matter, whether different hook-on fork cross sections for divergent charges, changed hook-on fork forms or the combination with other attachments: KAUP makes it possible.


  • For hard onsets suitable.
  • Good visibility conditions.
  • Good residual capacity.
  • Independent sideshift serially.
  • Screw-on forks and round prongs optionally.
  • Load backrest optionally.

Product Video


  • Clamp available with cylinder and sideshift protection.
  • Load Backrest Model T479.
  • Available with sideshift - model T401.
  • Available with bolt-on forks.

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