T413GT-1L - Telescopic Appliance / Carton Clamp

The KAUP Telescopic Appliance-/Carton Clamp T413GT-1L is used for the transport of white and brown product as well as other wide loading property. The long, slender clamp arms predestine this attachment for the truck and container loading.


  • Good visibility conditions
  • Extremely big opening ranges with small construction width
  • Independent sideshift serially
  • Load backrest optionally

Product Video


  • Add-on price for 100mm armlength / -height on request
  • Possible with automatic pressure selection (upon request)
  • For contact pad coatings see accessories in the pricelist
  • Also available without sideshift, model T404-1L
  • Load Backrest see model T179
  • Attachment can be fitted with different types of contact pad surfaces specifically suited to the application.
  • Attachment is available with automatic pressure adjustment.
  • Attachment is available with sensors for fully automatic pressure control.

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